Wednesday, September 16, 2009

$75 week grocery challenge - It's a Kashi kind of week!

Continuing with the grocery challenge posted at week we really didn't need many groceries as we stocked up on some really good healthy deals last week. So this week we just took advantage of the Kashi sale at Target.

We bought Kashi Cereal, Granola Bars and Crackers (we have breakfast and snacks for a good while now)
15 boxes for $43.20 - plus $13 off in coupons = $30.20
Plus, we got $15 back in Target gift cards, so the total was $15.20

Total spent: $15.20 plus tax (about $1.02 per box)

We just recieved a $2 off Kashi cereal coupon in the mail with our free sample of Blueberry Morning cereal the other day and there's still time for the sale, so we may even go back for another round before Saturday and use the $15 in gift cards, plus $4 worth of kashi coupons. In addition, I plan to go to get about $10-12 worth of produce later this week, so all in all, we'll spend about $30-$45 on groceries this week. Not too shabby, especially with all we'll end up with!

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